The Practitioner Profile In Your Practice Profile Page

A simple guide to building a practitioner profile within your practice profile page.  You are able to edit, add descriptions and a photo for each practitioner.  

By following the simple step by step process you will be able to:

  • Add Practictioner information and profiles
  • Add Practitioner picture
  • Add Practitioner education and training

Important Notes:

Please ensure you click 'Save Changes' at the top of the page prior to clicking on 'View Page' or 'Turn On', this will ensure your new additions and changes are made effective prior to making visible to the public.

Please note that whilst you are creating your Pracitioner Profile pages, that no one will be able to view it until it is made public by clicking on the 'Turn on' button at the bottom of the screen.   You are also able to go back and edit your Profile Page at any time.  Please also note that you don't need to have your Practitioner Profiles set to 'ON' or visible and can simply have your Practice Profile Page viewable.

*You can click on any image to view an enlarged version of it.

1. Navigate to our website on and click Log-in, as shown below.

2. Enter your Pratice's username and password in the relevant fields and click 'Login'.

3. From the 'My Practice' page, hover over the 'action' field to expose the drop down menu. Then Click on 'Profile Page', as shown below.

4. Once in the profile page view, you can view what your customers will see once your profile page is made live, initially it is set to private and is left blank except for the information pre provided from your base account setup, like your:

  • Practice Name and Position
  • Gender
  • Language Spoken

In the Practitioner Profile Page view the following can be customised and edited:

1.  Subscriber Profile Description

The Subscriber Profile Title is your headline.  It is your decriptive overview of how you would like to be introduced to your patients.  Ideally up to 20 words. 

2.  Education and Training

This is a list of education and any other related medical training  you have undertaken. Ideally up to 70 words.


Access your practitioner profile section by clicking on Edit, as shown below.

5. Scroll down to the Practitioners section, and click on the practitioner name that you wish to change the details for.

6. To change the display picture, click on 'Upload Profile Picture'. Then select the picture you wish to upload, from your computer.


7. This description is a great opportunity for Practitioners to give patients an idea of the type of service that would like to provide.  It's a good opportunity to promote the types of interactions you would like to have with your patients.  

*Ideally this description will be up to approximately 40 words in length. 

8. Adding a practitioner profile education is a great opportunity for Practitioners to showcase their education, credentials and any other awards and achievements.

*Ideally this description will be up to approximately 40 words in length. 

9. Once you are happy with the changes you've made, please click X on the top right of the practitioner profile page. This will take you back to the Practice profile page.


10. Click Save Changes to ensure all information is up-to-date. To manage you Practice Profile page please follow this link. You can Turn On/Turn Off the changes you made to the practitioner's details by clicking on the Turn On/Turn Off button, as shown below. Once complete, click on Save Changes.


If you have set up your account and need to amend your Patient details, please refer to this article

If you require assistance from 1stAvailable, please send us a request via one of the below channels.

1. To request support via phone, please call us on 1300 266 517

2. To request support via email, please write to us at

3. To send us a support request via our website, please follow the link.

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