Turning off 1stAvailable Partner Services

1stAvailable offers its Patients partner services, as described in this article.

Below is a step by step guide that shows how Practices can turn this functionality off.

1) Navigate to our website www.1stAvailable.com.au. Click 'Log-In' in the top right corner of the screen, as shown below.

2) When this functionality is turned ON, it looks like the below on the appointment confirmation page.


3) The My Practice page displays all information provided to 1stAvailable. To turn off the Display Ads functionality, click Action, then Edit, as shown below.

3) Scroll down and uncheck the Display Ad's box, as shown below. This will turn off the functionality and patients can no longer be asked to enter their Private Health Cover/Personal Injury Claim details when they make an appointment

If you require assistance from 1stAvailable, please send us a request via one of the below channels.

1. To request support via phone, please call us on 1300 266 517

2. To request support via email, please write to us at support@1stavailable.com.au

3. To send us a support request via our website, please follow the link.


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