Creating & Managing Your Practice Profile Page

A Practice Profile Page is a great feature within your 1stAvailable online space that showcases information about your Practice.  This can be utlised to help advertise your Practice, Practitioners and brand.  Patients will be able to search and book appointments and access useful information from your Practice Profile Page such as:

  • Your Practice & Practitioner operating hours
  • Your services
  • Practitioner information and profiles

This simple guide will take you through quick and easy steps to follow, so that you will be able to customise your Profile Page to do things like: 

  • Upload your Practice logo and Practice images
  • Upload Practitioner photos
  • Provide a description of your Practice philosophy and approach
  • List services provided by your Practice
  • Create Practitioner profiles

Important notes:

Please ensure you click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page prior to clicking on 'View Page' or 'Turn On', this will ensure your new additions and changes are made effective prior to making visible to the public.

Please also note that whilst you are creating your profile page, no one will be able to view it until it is made public by clicking the 'Turn On' button as shown below.

You are also able to go back and edit your Profile Page at any time OR if you need to stop or pause, you can click 'Save Changes' at any time and come back at a later date to resume and complete your customisation.

Below is  step-by-step guide to manage your Practice Profile page on the 1stAvailable website.

1. Navigate to and click Log-In

2. The My Practice page displays all information provided to 1stAvailable. To navigate to your Practice profile page, click on Action and then Profile Page

3. Once in the profile page view, you can view what your customers will see once your profile page is made live, initially it is set to private and is left blank except for the information pre provided from your base account setup, like your Practice's:

  • Name and address
  • Contact details
  • Opening hours
  • Practitioners and positions
  • Practitioner opening hours

In the Practice Profile Page view the following can be customised and edited:

1.  Practice logo 

This can be your official logo or any logo you see fit to encapsulate your Practice

2.  List of Practice services 

This is a list of the various services provided by your Practice

3.  Practice feature image 

This can be an image that best depicts the nature of your Practice i.e. family/well being

4.  Practice Profile Title

*Ideally up to approximately 50 characters in length

5.  Practice Profile Description  

A short summary that best describes that nature of your approach with patients * Ideally up to approximately 70 words


4. If you wish to make changes to any of these fields, click Edit Page, as shown below

5. To change your Practice Logo, click on Edit Page and click on 'Upload new practice logo', as shown below. On your computer, locate the image you would like to use. Once complete, click Save changes. 

*Please note the ideal logo size is 250px X 100px

6. To add a new practice feature image, click on 'Upload new feature image', as shown below. On your computer, locate the image you would like to use. Once complete, click Save Changes.

*Please note the ideal feature image size is 250px X 200px

7. Once you have selected these images, your Practice profile will look as below.

8. To edit the list of services your practice provides, click on 'Services We Provide' and enter details in the text box. Once complete, click Save Changes, as shown below.

9. To edit your Practice Profile Title, click on 'Practice Profile Title', as shown below. Once complete, click Save Changes.

10. Once all desired changes have been made to your practice profile, click on Save Changes, as shown below.

11. To view the changes you made to your profile, click on View page, as shown below. You can also Turn On/Turn off your practice profile from being displayed on our website, please click Turn Off/Turn On, as shown below.

If you have set up your account and need to amend your Patient details, please refer to this article

If you require assistance from 1stAvailable, please send us a request via one of the below channels.

1. To request support via phone, please call us on 1300 266 517

2. To request support via email, please write to us at

3. To send us a support request via our website, please follow the link.






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