Making bookings for family members

Below is a step-by-step guide to assist you with making bookings for family members during the booking process. For advise on how to access and make updates to your account, please follow the link.

1. Select the appointment you wish to confirm. If a desirable appointment time is not displayed, click on 'More times+' to choose alternative times.

2. If you have a member account. Select the red button at the top of the page “Already a Member? Skip this step by logging”

Please Note: If you miss seeing the red button and complete the booking details information, the system will detect you have an account and the message below will appear. Click on 'here' and it will ask for your username(email) and password.




3. You will now be logged into your member account. In the Patient field you will see either your name or a family member that you have booked online before. Beside this name is a downward triangle.


4. To add a the new family member to the account.  Click on this downward triangle. You will see an option called " New Family Member" simply click this option. 

5.  Fill out all of the relevant new Family Member details then click "confirm" to make your booking. You have now added this family member to your member account.


6.  Once confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation with the appointment details and the following page will appear:


If you require assistance from 1stAvailable in retrieving your SMS code or your password, please send us a request via one of the below channels.

1. To request support via phone, please call us on 1300 266 517

2. To request support via email, please write to us at

3. To send us a support request via our website, please follow the link


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