Adding Practice and Practitioner Policies

A simple guide to adding policies specific to your Practice and Practitioners.  These are policies that your Patients will view as part of the booking process.

1. Login

1.1  Navigate to and click 'Login' to login



2. Access Practice Details

2.1  Once logged in, you will navigate to the 'My Practice' page

2.2  Hover over the 'Action' drop down menu and select 'Edit'


3. Access Practice Policies

3.1  After selecting 'edit', you will navigate to the 'Edit Practice Details' section

3.2  Scroll down and click the '+ Add Policy' button


4. Enter Policies

4.1 The Policy sections will appear

4.2  Enter your Practice policies in the 3 sections allocated


4.3  Click 'save' at the bottom of the screen


5. Adding Practitioner Policies

5.1  From the 'My Practice' page, locate the relevant Practitioner

5.2  Hover over the 'Action' drop down menu next to the Practitioner name

5.3  Click 'edit'


6. Access Practitioner Policies

6.1  You will navigate to the 'Edit Subscriber' section

6.2  Scroll down and click '+ Add Policy'


7. Enter Policy

7.1  Enter your Practitioner policy in the relevant field

7.2  Click 'save'


8. Viewing Policies

8.1  During the booking process, a Patient will view your Practice and/or Practitioner policies as shown below

8.2  These will need to be agreed upon prior to confirmation of the booking, see below:

Please note that your policies will also appear in the booking confirmation email sent to Patients

If you require 1stAvailable Support, see below:

1. To request support via phone, please call us on 1300 266 517

2. To request support via email, please write to us at

3. To send us a support request via our website, please follow the link

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